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Donacije.rs is an online platform for individual and corporate donations to non profit, charity & responsible Projects in Serbia that was launched in May 2014 by Fund B92 with financial support from the Balkan Trust for Democracy. The Platform is endorsed by the Serbian Philanthropy Forum, an umbrella organizations for foundations and organizations that promote philantropic efforts in Serbia.

Primary objective of this Platform is to promote humanitarian projects and philanthropic campaigns. This is the first online portal of this kind in Serbia, open for charities, citizens’ associations and initiatives to provide crowdfunding for their meaningful ideas.

In May 2014, Serbia was hit by devastating floods, and the Platform has adapted its primary purse. Over the next period, it will be used to collect donations and raise funding to address problems caused by this natural disaster. After the flood crisis the Platform will be used to support projects dedicated to provision/promotion of social welfare and medical care, social inclusion, youth entrepreneurship, culture and art, environmental protection and other aspects of public activism and social responsibility.

The Platform is now exclusively supporting projects focused on providing support for Serbian citizens suffering directly and/or indirectly by the floods.

Through its donacije.rs online Platform, Fund B92 will primarily support operational work and project implementation of the grass-root organizations in Serbia, which can use minimum financial resources to significantly improve the life of their local communities. We especially aim to highlight the importance of individual initiative and individual philanthropic efforts, as the pillar of social solidarity, to thus strengthen philanthropic community in Serbia.

The Platform is coordinated by Donations Committee, by selecting the successful applicant project for financial support. Selected project will implement their online fundraising campaigns by using this Platform. Donations Committee members are: Nathan Koeshall (Catalyst), Marija Mitrović (Trag Fondacija) and Gordan Paunović (Fund B92).

Fund B92 facilitates Platform operations and takes care of all the technical aspects of its work.

The Platform and its website, donacije.rs, contain detailed information about donations, donors, project beneficiaries, donation-making channels and application procedure.

– See more at: http://fondb92.org/en/donations.1.222.html?edit=1#sthash.bQdpuuCv.dpuf